How can I make a gui appear from the middle?

How could I make this effect but with a text? So when you hover over a something, a text will come out like that from the middle. Just imagine you replace the green bar with a text.
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This is with a tween and some transparency… and using the MouseEnter and MouseLeave events.

Yes I know that :slight_smile: How can I make it so it disappears in the middle, it doesn’t look like transparency

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What do u mean by this part? . . . .

If it was transparency we would see it slowly fade out, this just gets smaller towards the middle and dissepears

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Right thats the tweening… I would do two tweens going from the middle out, and then back in… until they disappear.

Edit: transparency was the wrong word sorry.

Could you give me an example? Anything I tried did not work

I would prefer a text that goes towards the left or right but disappears into air

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Here are two links that will help… the first does what the video shows… the second is from the roblox reference… go down to size section and see how its done, you will only play with the X axis size:

So you just want it to scroll in and then disappear out the other side?

Ok better example, just imagine a text in the middle, it slides to the left into the air, like into a portal or something

Ok try this solution here… lays it out for you… you will tween the text into a holder frame that is transparent:

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