How can I make my game utilize the macOS Touchbar?

Hello! I really want to make my game utilize the MacBook Pro’s touchbar. Is there any way I can do this?

If you do not know what the touchbar is, it is basically this:

Developers can make the touchbar do stuff, for example:
(Google Chrome)

If developers can do this, will I be able to do this?

Thanks in advance, WE

Not sure, maybe look though UserInputService | Roblox Creator Documentation

I don’t see any API’s in UserInputService or ContextActionService that mention a touchbar. Also, actions would need to be bounded to work with the touchbar.

Could you change what’s in your touchbar? Maybe put a button in it and bind that button like how you would bind a normal key on the keyboard.

Developers can add functions to the touchbar, for example, in Apple Music, there music control:
Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 11.25.13 PM
Apple had to add this themselves, and there is no keys for this. I want to add keys to the touchbar for example, switch character, play time trials, etc…

Is there a way to choose what screen to display gui on? See if the touchbar might count as a second monitor.

The touchbar is built into the keyboard on MacBook pros, and I have it on screen because XCode has a feature that you can emulate a touchbar on your screen. That is why it is on my screen and I can take almost perfect screenshots of it.

That being said, no it is not a second monitor.

This looks like a touchscreen, if it isn’t then what is it?

You might be able to code gui onto it if roblox thinks it’s another screen that is usable. After that, I have no ideas.

It is a touchscreen, but you need to use an API from Apple for the Touch bar for it to work

Ok, after this I really am out of ideas: Code the touchbar to pop up certain buttons when roblox opens.

Or: Make roblox recognize it as a gamepad.

I don’t think its possible unless you find a way to use http service to process the touch board :thinking:

How can I do this? I dont know how to make buttons pop up on the touchbar

How exactly would I do this???

Me neither. I’m out of ideas for now.

It is not possible to utilize the MacBook TouchBar as roblox has not yet implemented API for it and probably won’t.

@Roblox , can you add TouchBarService, so this can can become solved?

Im not skilled enough to talk about httpservice but theortically you should be able to process api from another website and incorporate into your game through a use of a gui but you can’t sense the mac bar because there is no built in function im drill trying to figure that out

Your question is ‘solved’ as I just answered your question.

This wouldn’t work as your players would have to download an application you made to access the TouchBar. Even then, there would be a considerable delay.

So basically, the person would need to have a website open AND have this opened? I don’t really like the idea of that.