How can I make my games page more attractive?

I recently made a few posts, What can I do to make my map fit my theme?, Feedback on GFX for my new project game "Hat Dropper"

I’m currently working on a game called hat dropper where the description basically describes the game, but how can I make my game page more attractive to players that will see it either from this page or even the discovery page where you see the icon and title of the game.

Anything helps, thanks!


Is there a link to the game so that we can see its page so far?

atleast tell us the idea of the game
make it competitive?? get cash for dropping??

Oh my god! I apologize, here it is Hat Dropper 🔥 - Roblox

Here is the link, my bad Hat Dropper 🔥 - Roblox

Maybe you could add emojis to the description and game name.

Do you know what I could add? I’m not an emoji type of person when it comes to typing.

Maybe some tags so your game gets seen more often.
But please don’t spam them/use non relating ones.