How can I make Realistic Looking Trees

Hi, I have been building for quite some time now and I always had this problem. I cant make realistic trees or Foliage. When people explain it to me I can’t just get it I find it kinda hard cause since English is not my first English I find it quite hard to understand stuff that people explain to me. what do yall do to make realistic Trees?

Do yall put the Leaves of the Tree in Roblox individually or in Blender cause people do not ever give me a straight answer.

P.s FracturedOreo makes some really good Trees,


You should use meshes. Which you can create in blender.


Making realistic trees is really difficult and takes a lot of skill (that I don’t have :P). But, Roblox released several sets of realistic models for free, and one of them is a tree pack.

Although if you want to create them yourself, I can’t really help here because I have almost no modeling experience.


@RBLXImagineer is looking at releasing some more documentation on this. In the meantime, take a look at the forest pack description in the library. We included some info in the description.

If the description doesn’t have enough useful info, ask specific questions and we’ll try to answer them.


Thanks!, and sorry for the late response but I got 2 questions. How do I maintain the Leaves texture on the Tree and how do I apply the Trunk Texture and don’t make it look “Plain”. but those are my questions.

What do you mean by maintain? Not sure I understand.

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I mean maintain the leaves texture cause, i thought you could just import the Leaves from Blender WITH the texture. but when I import it to Roblox, The Leaves are just blank so what im trying to say, how can i Import Leaves and maintain the leafs texture

First off, as everyone else is already saying, get Blender to make yourself some meshes. Once you have blender download the sapling generator add-on. This video shows you have to install the add-on and how to use it: Easy animated trees in Blender 2.8 EEVEE, how to use Sapling Tree Generator add-on tutorial - YouTube

Since you’re importing the meshes to roblox, make sure the leaves are a rectangle shape and don’t mess with the UVs on it unless you want to texture it in blender. In Studio, you can just slap a decal of a branch of leaves with a transparent background and set the transparency of the model to 0.001 with ‘DoubleSided’ checked.