How can i prevent light coming through?

How can I prevent light coming through the corners of the walls and ceilings
(excuse the bad lines lol)


Try painting the walls black, if that doesn’t work then try to put extra things behind it.

Maybe you could make thicker walls?

If the room is meant to be dark from the inside, you can try the following:

  1. Open your studio build, go to explorer, then go to lighting.

  2. Un-check ‘‘Global Shadows’’ (as long as you are using ‘‘Voxel’’ technology)

  3. Set ‘‘Clock Time’’ to whatever time suits you.

  4. Color the blocks of the room in whatever color you want.



This has been likely a common issue around sorting developers, however a simple task would be making your parts thicker while the above suggestion is good but I’m curious you still want to keep shadows in sorting areas I honestly think a way to make those lights in the corner of your build or center part would be messing around with the (ambience or outdoor ambience), and changing it to something like a grey-ish tone.

Here is a thread related to your question I would try searching in the future just to make sure your topic hasn’t been made and already answered:


Sadly, it’s a bit hard to find that thread. When people have really vague titles like “these weird lights” they’re pretty much untraceable.