How can I scan a user's profile for gamepasses made by them (using a in-game script)?

Hey! I am trying to scan a user’s profile for any on-sale gamepass made by them. It would of course have to look across their games and find one that’s for sale. I am somewhat familiar with how I can search for their on-sale clothing, but cant figure out how to do it with gamepasses.

I want to be able to showcase buttons that’ll prompt the user’s gamepass purchase and the button will also have a text label displaying how much it costs.

I’ve looked around for a bit but cant figure this out. I would be willing to pay someone a bit of Robux if they could assist me on how to do this.

My Discord is liamm#0007 if you would like to message me there.


You would have to use external APIs and a proxy server, since requests to roblox’s domain ( in studio or the client will not work. You will need to JSON Decode the responses

If you want to get a list of the user’s games, you need to use this endpoint:{id}/games?accessFilter=Public&limit=50


  • {id} is the user’s UserId
  • limit specifies how many at most should it display in a single request. Note that it only allows: 10, 25 and 50

From the response, you will have a data attribute which contains an array of objects that represents the place. You will need the id attribute which represents the game’s universe id for the following endpoint:

If you want the game’s gamepasses, you need to use the endpoint:{id}/game-passes?sortOrder=Asc&limit=10


  • id is the game’s universe ID

This also has a data attribute that contains an array of objects representing each of the gamepasses’ information. Each object contains a name attribute which is the name of the gamepass and a price attribute which is the price of the gamepass


Thanks a lot! If you’d like, I could buy a t-shirt or gamepass of your’s for the help.