How can I Transfer my Roblox Map into Another Game/Place?

I have created a map in a game, and I want to move the entire map (includes terrain) to my main game. Most of my friends tell me I can’t do this, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks for reading!


You could save the place file, and then upload it to the main game.


I’m not sure if you can move terrain to different places. However, if you’re looking for ways to move buildings also on the terrain, you can use control+C then control+D, or upload them as a model.

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How do I do that? I saved a back-up, but don’t know how to load it into the main game.

Thanks, I already knew that tho :slight_smile:

Basically, if you’re looking to upload the map and into the main game, just use “publish to” instead of “publish”. However this will delete anything already in the main game.

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What if I publish it to a place in the game? Can I do that?

I’m not sure, I’ve never messed around with more than one place per game, sorry.

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I’m pretty sure you should be able to publish it to a place even inside a game. (Sorry if this is a late response)

If you are just looking into copying a map, then you can simply copy it and paste it or export it as a .rbxm. It is actually possible to copy terrain, just not the way you would think. There is a tutorial on YouTube that shows how to change the terrain of a game from one game to another. The person created a separate terrain object and then loaded it in to achieve this. If you want to see that tutorial, you can find it here.

To make this simple and short, go to your command line in Studio in the game you are trying to copy the terrain of and paste the script below:

terrain = workspace.Terrain:CopyRegion(workspace.Terrain.MaxExtents)
terrain.Parent = game.Workspace

Once you run this, it should create another terrain object named “TerrainRegion”. You an then copy that object and transfer it to the other game. Once you do that, place it in the Workspace and paste the script below in your command line:

local terrain1 = game.Workspace.TerrainSummer -- Name of terrain
workspace.Terrain:PasteRegion(terrain1 , workspace.Terrain.MaxExtents.Min, true)

That script should load up that terrain. KEEP IN MIND, this will overwrite the previous terrain on that game, so if you want to save it, use the same method that I just mentioned or save a local copy of that game. That should work for what you are trying to do. Hope I helped.

(All credit for the scripts goes to PlaasBoer, the creator of the tutorial on YouTube)


if you have access to both places open each in its own studio and use copy paste between them.

Thanks so much, I think this will work! :smiley:

It worked! Thanks for letting me know about this :smiley:

Thanks! I may have to use this in the future as well!

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It worked like a charm. Thanks!