How could I improve this modern website design?

I’m just looking on some constructive feedback for the website I’m workling on

(An image will be put on the right soon for this section)

(This section is going to be redesigned soon)

Thanks! Lots of pages still a wip


I think you should spice it up with icons and images where you list the features and perhaps a little demo video on the side of the homepage. You can also improve the background of each page by adding some type of abstract design to the background.

The create store button and the list of stores also has inconsistent padding.

Additionally, I think you can make the update product popup a but wider and it would be cool if users had the ability to change the textsize, font, and perhaps even theme. Also, you should probably add a subtitle to the popup under “Update Product” with the name of the script/product

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A screenshot of one of the pages will go on the home screen, then the button to watch a demo will open a little modal with a YouTube embed. I’m yet to record a demo, though!

All of this functionality is being completely rewritten and redone into a studio plugin

Awesome! This looks really nice. The only thing I would improve is the use of icons as @UndecidedFactor mentioned. That would add some design aspects to the page that are currently missing. Good job on this, this is impressive.

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I am planning on redesigning that section to make it much more modern. Maybe with SVGs? :thinking:

Nice work getting this far with the design! When it comes to providing a product, designing its website really and truly is a task in itself.

I’ve reviewed each page and have written up some constructive feedback corresponding to each. I’ve omitted the Landing Page and the Console Page because I think that once you’ve added the icons, images and embedded video you’ve mentioned above, they’ll be good to go!

Mission Statement Page

  1. The product pitch’s grammar is a bit sloppy because the word “quick” is used as an adverb when it isn’t one. The correct word to use would be “quickly”, i.e. “The tools you need to sell quick” should instead be written as “The tools you need to sell quickly”
  2. The left-hand column’s text being aligned to the right-hand side of its text box is unorthodox, difficult to read and inconsistent with the layout of the page

Purchase Page

  1. Product options usually display their tiers in ascending order of price, with the cheapest tier on the left-hand side of the screen
  2. “Grow” is a confusing name for a tier. Something along the lines of “Standard” might be a better naming convention
  3. It’s quite difficult to compare tiers at a glance. Features shared by all tiers take up almost as much space as upgradable features
  4. The slogan “Cheap prices - Great service“ is highly subjective. For instance, I personally wouldn’t consider your monthly premium prices cheap. If you really want to keep the same slogan though, “Affordable” might be a slightly better word to use

Profile Page

  1. Following standard design principles, the headings and buttons seen on this page should capitalise the first letter of each word
    • “Roblox profile” → “Roblox Profile”
    • “My stores” → “My Stores”
    • “Visit store” → “Visit Store”

Create a Store UI

  1. The heading “Create a store” would typically be capitalised as “Create a Store”
  2. The same heading is not positioned in the vertical centre of its UI box
  3. Typically, headings like “Store name” and “Store description” would also have both of their first letters capitalised
  4. The text “3-25 long” should be adjusted to “3-25 characters long” for clarity and consistency with the similar text below

Update Product UI

  1. Keeping in line with the design principle above, the heading “Update product“ would also be capitalised as “Update Product”


To get this far in the development of a product is a huge achievement so props to you, man!

In general, I like the information you’ve displayed on each page but as I’ve documented above, there are a few design inconsistencies in places. Once you’re tackled them, I think your product’s website will be in a good place.

I hope you find my constructive feedback helpful. Best of luck with the rest of the design process! :smile:


Thank you for the great feedback! I’ll get to work improving each page and I’ll update you :smiley:

Overall your website is good, however I suggest you making the background have more colors and maybe a gradient too to make it more visually pleasing. Here is a site that is probably useful for you.

If you look up ‘Website UI design’ on Google Images, Pinterest, or Twitter there are so many places to find some really unique and clean designs.

Personally, I like how you have gone minimalist here, I just think it needs a bit more than large areas of white. Maybe put a blurred image in the background?

Best of luck with the website

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Make the buttons font a little bit bigger, or bolder. The buttons are currently to hard to read. I would also suggest making the font to something rounder and more modern.

Something like this:

Google Product Sans is not licensed for commercial use, don’t use it on your project.

The homepage is too empty. I am pretty sure it is a work in progress.

I definitely like the design because it is clean, simple and modern but the major problem is it is too empty. If you can, add some content to it.

Anyway, will you add a dark theme?

Edit: Also you should use Roboto for the font.

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