How could I make a dark room like Rooms

I want to make the game get slightly darker with each new room you enter, similar to how the game Rooms does it.

My problem is that I cant figure out how to do that. I’ve tried with GUI, but that covers the whole screen, even if you try to improve your vision with a flashlight. I’ve also tried by changing the time of day, but that doesn’t make it pitch black like it gets in Rooms. I just tried messing around with Lighting settings, but nothing seems to work.

I’ve tried looking around on the DevForum and on YouTube but I seriously can’t find anything. I did find this post, however that only works for if I need the game to become dark FAST. I want it to slowly become darker with each time you open a door, like in Rooms.

Also this is my first post on the DevForum (or really any forum lol) so please help me if I make any particularly annoying formatting mistakes!

Hey, you can change Lighting.Brightness and Lighting.Ambient through a local script whenever the player joins the specific room. Hope it helps.


mess around with lighting or dim lights if you have lights in your game.
specifically brightness and exposurecompensation.

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use lerp and change the properties of game.lightning

It works! Thanks

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glad it does!
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