How could i make an AI that could create level for my game and will use complex piece of puzzle

I am currently trying to make an AI for my game that would be able to create level using a lot of different piece of puzzle

I already tryed to find a solution but couldn’t find one because my game has special piece like teleporter or mechanic that doesn’t exist on other games

Here is an exemple of pieces that i want the AI to use


[1] - One way pipes that will allow power to go only trought a choosed way
[2] - Ghost pipes that when the entrance is powered, the ghost pipe appear
[3] - Locked pipes that cannot be turned when clicking
[4] - Normal pipes
[5] - Teleporter pipes that will teleport power
[6] - Hydraulic Pipes that when entrance is powered, pipe under the platforme corresponding to the entrance color will grow up from the ground
[7] - Moving and Rotating Pipes that when entrance is powered, they will turn or move
[8] - The generator tha product power and server that is the goal of the game (power every servers to go to next level)
[9] - Different power pipes but i think it’s to complex for a bot because it use different power and filter and when passing in the core thing, if it’s blue oir yellow power it turn red then green then purple
[10] - Switcher pipe that when entrance is powered, the one on the ground go down and the one underground go up
[11] - The troll pipe where you need to power every place that he could go out and stuck him to use it
[12] - Expanding pipe that when entrance powered, the extanded pipe retract and the retracted one expand
[13] - Every Moving pipe or Every turning pipe that when a pipe is placed in the slot, it will automaticelly attach to the base and will move/turn when entrance powered
[14] - Timing pipes that when they stop being powered, they will wait a choosed time before being unpowered
[15] - Exploding pipe that can explode when usng it (1 chance on 3 to explode if i had good memory)

I know this is A LOT OF PIPE but i really need to find something to create level

Sorry if this isn’t what you’re looking for, but my suggestion would be:
First of all, there’s a lot of different kinds of pipes, so I’m going to just use set 4 as an example.
Make a system so that every pipe fits a single size constraint (2-by-2, 4-by-4). Make a grid system based off of this, so that every 4 studs there is an invisible pipe spot.
Next, make a ‘starting pipe’ at the beginning of the puzzle, and have it place a random pipe 4 studs away, or however far would make sense for the size. Each pipe that gets placed places another random pipe adjacent to any openings it has. You might need to make a limit to how big it gets, and maybe tweak it if you need a specific way to solve the puzzle.
This should help with generation, though it might not be exactly what you’re looking for.

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