How could i run roblox off a specific gpu?

Self explanatory title. Since the release of the built-in framerate cap i have been unable to properly benchmark my places due to the fact that i just get locked at 240 most times. My idea to get around this was to just use a weaker GPU in my system (specifically integrated graphics) in order to more accurately test general rendering performance and i just don’t know how to specifically start roblox using a specific GPU. Right now my only method of doing this would be to just go in device manager and disable the drivers of my primary GPU which is not exactly ideal in most scenarios.

Interesting question, I think there may be some 3ird party softwares that can do this… maybe?

I haven’t really seen anything that can do that so far. Most i’ve seen is just third party applications letting you more easily change the rendering API roblox uses.

Have you tried looking for “Addons(?)” for your graphics card specifically? Or if your graphics card has an app that allows you to edit it?

I have an AMD Radeon and it comes with this cool app. Are you looking for something like this?

Try this? Roblox Studio keeps using my integrated video card. Why? - #6 by ChromeEight


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I do for NVIDIA GPU’s via their control panel software though that is not at all useful.

The Windows graphics preference does absolutely nothing for roblox. Same with Unreal Engine too!

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Yeah in that case no real official way to do this.

I swear there’s gotta be a way. There might be some sort of FFlag somewhere. I’m really not sure.

Only way seems to be forcing it from graphics card control panel