How Do I Add a Uniform Door?

I have been trying for a few days now but I’m not sure how to make it so when my staff in my cafe walk into a room (the kitchen) they go through a part that automatically gives them a certain outfit (the uniform outfit). If anyone knows a script, please reach out to me! Thanks!

I think this might help you -

I don’t know of a script that does this, however I do know you can write it yourself. Here are some resources on how to do this they give a lot of detail.

The basics of the HumanoidDescription system is it allows you to very easily apply cosmetics without going to each individual item and adding it.

This should be all you need to apply a outfit to someone, however you may need to remove existing accessories with

To detect when they entered a room or went through a door you have two options
Create a part that they touch and use this

Or my preferred method is you may not know how they entered a building or maybe you have two doors use Region3s which allow you to detect when someone is inside and when someone leaves (so you can return their existing clothing)

you can get a players accessories with this