How do I animate two people at a time?

I want to be able to take to rigs and animate them at the same time.
I would use moon animator but its expensive, so I am trying to find an alternative solution

So does anyone know how?


You can use the plugin that is called “Moon Animator” to animate it in roblox. I prefer animating in blender so you need to import one roblox model (Here you can find how to do it with this plugin: Blender rig exporter/animation importer ) and just duplicate it with SHIFT+D and just work on them with not changing their origins.

Here is a tutorial you need to follow if you want to animate in blender: [Blender/Roblox] Adding multiple rigs in blender(and exporting animation to roblox) - YouTube

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Needed to be a certain distance long

Roblox default animator do not support animating more than 1 rig in the same time yet maybe it will change in the future. If you are really interested in making making animations you can just invest some robux and buy this plugin I think it is worth it. Anyway, you can just use blender to animate it and make everything step by step with the tutorial I sent. Unfortunatelly, if you have not been using blender at all you need to just learn it but I don’t think animating is that hard. You can find many tutorials on youtube where you will learn everything.

Yeah I think I will. Cause I do really need it NGL

can’t you just make 2 animations and play them at the same time?

No I mean like make the animations at the same time.

If I make an animation where some one starting dragging the other person on the ground or something, the other animation will look very janky

I was asking for something that does not involve Moon Animator.

Please read the post next time

Actually, I got Moon Animator for free; it was free before.

Well its not free any more, if you look its 1700 robux so . . .

If you’re not willing to shell out the robux for moon then its in your best interest to learn blender animation and how to export animations to roblox from blender.

What do you need to achieve?
Do you want to create a game?

Well I am going to buy it at this rate I was just wondering if there were any other ways . . . besides blender ofc(I SUCK AT IT NGL)

I’m not gonna lie, but Moon Animator sometimes sucks and breaks everything with rotation and position. The developers need to fix it, but it’s still fine.

Pretty sure there isn’t a way to animate 2 rigs at the same time other than moon animator (excluding third party programs like blender), you might as well buy it lol