How do I archive models?

My issue is that I can’t archive any models. All I see is configure and advertise. This is related to building support because my builds/assets are all over the place and I need help organizing them by deleting most models.

Edit: They used to have the option to delete models but now I can’t find anything called “delete”. If they removed it, WHY?!??!?!


You should be able to delete models that you have in your inventory out of your inventory not sure if you could actually delete a model unless I guess you delete it in studio or ungroup it or something. Even if you delete it from your inventory and you made it under your username or a group that you have perms to make models in, if you go to create and go to models it will still be there but not visibly in your inventory. Did this answer it?

So I have to delete my models I created in studio? I still can’t find a button called “delete”

No that’s not what I ment. You could delete your models from your inventory but I’m pretty sure you aren’t actually able to delete them. Like I said above:

If you do that I guess it could help with reorganizing.

I’m able to delete it from the inventory

If that’s not what you want it would help if you game me more detailes on what you’re wanting to do thanks

You can’t archive models. It’s only limited to Meshes, decals, and audio atm. If you were to archive, it would be under the Configure item page.

Check out the announcement here

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I realised that I needed to put the model on sale in order to delete my models. Now I have to go through each and every one of my models, put them on sale and delete them(for my inventory).


Ok I guess I’m done here or maybe not :thinking:even if you delete your own models from your inventory technically it will still be in your creations

Deleting it from my inventory is good enough. I just need to get my models without scrolling through countless pages of worthless things I made.

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Ok got it man I’ll be going now good luck with your models trouble