How do I change the Admin Level Names with Basic Admin?

Hello! My name is Dani and I need assistance with Basic Admin (BAE) Main Module. Im new to the Main Module.

Anywho, I was wondering how to change the Admin Level name with the MainModule. I have searched far and wide on DevForm and found only 1 topic in which was outdated. I have also surfed the web but I found no luck. I have looked through every script and couldn’t find anything within the MainModule.

Im not sure if you need to type in the script but I need help.


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local Configuration = {
	['Loader ID'] = 563619835,

		['Super Admins'] = {
			["1"] = "ROBLOX",
			["2"] = "John Doe",
			["3"] = "Jane Doe",

		["1"] is the User ID
		"ROBLOX" is their Username
		This format is the same for
		Super Admins, Admins, Mods,
		and Banned.
	['Super Admins'] = {

	['Admins'] = {
	['Mods'] = {
	['Banned'] = {


Maybe try changing these strings? (the ones with Super Admin and such)

I tried it, but it didn’t work. Its most likely with the MainModule. But I don’t know how to use it.

This issue was already solved in another post. You may want to check out this post: How Do I Change The Names of Admin Levels on BAE (Basic Admin Essentials)

If that does not work out you may want to press Ctrl + F in the Main Module and look up for the admin names, you will probably have to edit a lot but if you mess up don’t worry! This won’t break anything in the script. If you still do not find out you can check the Forum and try finding another post!

I am not very familiar with BAE because I am still learning how to script but this is all I can offer.

You can insert the BAE 2.0 module, and inside the config script change the module directory to script.MainModule, and then in the MainModule + Essentials Code, change the names.