How do I change the "experience" back to game?

Recently in the kick messages, join messages and the leave game option… I have been seeing “experience” instead of the classic “game”. I just get a weird vibe off that and I am wondering if I can change those in coreGui or something along those lines. If someone could explain how that could be done that would be great. Thank you in advance!


You cannot do that since it is a default message

Sorry bro roblox removed games
but there is a one way.
you must recreate whole message with normal UI’s

then kick the user with the experience again


You can’t do nothing since roblox doesn’t have games anymore

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i said you must recreate whole message with normal UI’s


I don’t think you can do anything because it is a message generated by Roblox and Roblox has removed games.

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Lol, are we having a whole conversation in this forum post?


The thing is if you show your custom ui the kick ui will still bury it, since core gui is not meant to be buried under user generated ui.


How though? How would you make a custom kick feature?

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Show your own ui, and after a few seconds, you crash the client, the following code should crash:

local eqs = string.rep("=", 0x3ffffffe)
local code = "return [" .. eqs .. "[a]" .. eqs .. "]"

Just tried it in Studio, and it just says string overflow error instead of crashing.

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If you want to crash the client, the safest option would be while true do end.

Try it in-game, create a local script with a wait(10) so that it doesn’t run instantly, and then publish and try in-game.

That doesn’t crash, just returns an exhaust time exceeded error.

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Same thing. I think it’ll be harder to crash the client.

It did work, must have been patched ig.

That happens on the server-side only, it’ll freeze your client (forcing you to close it) if you attempt to do it on the client.

like bruh

repeat until nil

should do the thing why you need string rep and strings

That would just error