How do I come up with good game ideas?

Hey guys! Do you have any suggestions on how to come up with good game ideas?


Well, there are several methods on coming up with game designs.

Method 1 - Exploration

Let’s say you open studio one day and you created a car, and this thought hits you “What will I do with this car now?” and this is basically where game ideas come in. Possibly you may decide to create a game with characters as cars similar to the movie Cars by Pixar with a similar story line or create some sort of car derby game with destructive weapons and upgrades or even a racing game. This is just the basics of coming up with a game design. From here, ideas are bound to come in, especially if they make sense to your development style.

Method 2 - Inspiration

If you still can’t come up with a game design, take a walk in the part, listen to music, play other games, watch movies, search on Pinterest or Instagram etc. You will surely find great sources of inspiration from these places and will lead to a strong game design, however one challenge is keeping up with development fatigue. Inspiration dies out fairly easily, possibly due to personal issues, family issues, time management, poor development team etc. When this strikes you, it is possble that you may want to start on a new project, no, don’t let that fatigue eat you up. As soon as possible, create a concept of your game in studio, possibly a photo or video and whenever you have fatigue, look back on these concepts, it will push you to continue :slight_smile:
(There are some posts on the forum about Development Fatigue, you may want to look into those)

Method 3 - Randomness

Fairly similar to Method 1, however this is like sorta-copying an existing game, but with twists. If you want to create a game like Mad City where criminals could have hero powers right from the spawn or team selection or even a racing system, that’s a fine thing to do, however don’t directly copy stuff from Mad City because this could lead to some serious issues. As much as possible, create original assets. Indirectly creating a sorta-similar game to other existing game may be tricky, especially if you ask yourself “Is that it?” usually existing games are already as complete as they are, which is why you need to make you choice of selection very carefully.

I’ve answered questions like yours several times, you may check them out if you want, but as time goes on, I improve my replies. I hope this helps you find a solid game idea :slight_smile:

Here are some if not all of them:

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You should really use the search feature. This topic has been discussed alot lately.

That being said. Get a book, a pencil,and write down ideas for games, mechanics, art styles, references, how players will interact, guis, anything you think that would be “cool to have” in your game.

Then chose a topic or a genre, and look at your ideas and see what would fit in those genes, and what would work well together.

Not only that, but explain Why they would work together.

Then, try making some prototypes and slowly add them all together and see how it turns out.

Once you have prototypes you can see if they will work together functionally, so overhaul your ideas with what you find and start designing your game from the ground up.

Recognise what you can and can’t do at the moment and consider hiring someone out for the work.


The word you’re looking for is inspiration.


They usually come at special times, yes, what I mean by this is when you’re wandering with your mind. :thinking: Now you need to know how to find inspiration, it often just comes to you when you do such activities:

  • Listen to music
  • Calm yourself down
  • Watch movies
  • Look at other peoples’ works or games
  • Visit real-world places
  • Many more, as everybody is different

Talking about goodness or quality, it’s relative to the person. Anything can be good, you see. To be honest, how do you define good? If you think good is about having a huge amount of players, then make a game that most Roblox players like. If you think good is about making high-quality buildings, then look up online for design ideas. The list never ends, so suit yourself.

Some people like racing game, some people like flight simulators. A trash flight simulator can be made awesome if you dedicate your time. :mantelpiece_clock:

You can do research about majority Roblox players like to play, we do know most of them love prison-escape type of game, that’s why Jailbreak and Prison Life constantly have a high amount of players and got to the front page.

Finally, good luck and happy thinking!


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There is no real way tog get a game idea but there is some tricks that will help you get that idea you want. Before I list them I am just going to say that no idea is a bad idea.

  • Think about what genre of game you like to play or would enjoy to play. Lets say you really like playing rpg games then you should try and think of a game idea based around and rpg. To make your game successful in the future you need to enjoy playing your game. Not only will this help make your game successful but it will give you motivation to keep designing your game.

  • You don’t have to think of brand new game idea but instead you could adapt other peoples ideas. An example of this is Jailbreak, they got the idea for jailbreak from the other prison games on Roblox but expanded/improved them.

  • Get your friends to help you think of ideas. Bouncing ideas to each other is a great way to expand upon a simple idea. For example you may think I want to make an FPS game so you then ask your friends to help give you ideas. Then you and your friends decide you want to make a FPS set in space where you have to capture the other persons space ship.

Here is some tutorials that may help you:


Hi, when I sit down to think of game ideas I start by selecting a category/genre I want to design a game in. It normally takes me a little while but once I know what genre I want I start to think of ideas. You can also mess around in blender or studios and see what comes out of it.


Hey! There is a really good topic you can find here that might help you out a bunch!

To get some game ideas, think of some popular games, try to recreate them in a you style, make sure you feel proud of the idea, think of what genre it would be in, would it be fun for players?

I’ve also made a little guide to making the game for you:

Step 1 - Game Idea

Making a game idea is easy, but many people over think it. You would need to know what it would be, how it would go, the certain order things move in, and would players have fun. Like I said above, get a popular game and make it your own, flood escape + parkour, flood-kour!
VERY IMPORANT: IF YOU WOULDNT HAVE FUN MAKING THE GAME, DONT DO IT!!! Why make a boring game and spend time into it? That’s just bland.

Step 2 - Questions

You need to plan a game out, what would it be, would it get you any revenue? Would it get popular, what do I add to make it mind-blowing? These are just some of the few questions that many ask before creating a game.

Step 2 - Rough Draft

There are two ways to doing this

Way 1

Get a pencil and paper, sketch out the layout and blue orient of your build. Join some ROBLOX games, take kailbreak for example, you would want to make jailbreak 2.0. You would take some thing from the game, add it into your sketch, and give it a @MrDurpy01 style!

Way 2

Do the above, but instead of using pen and paper, you could make rough drafts on ROBLOX, it would take longer, but it might increase your skill, in building, scripting, what ever you do.

Step 3 - Game Idea Feedback

Now this step is very risky and many developers do this after they make a game. You could ask people for there opinions on your game idea and blueprints, but like I said, it’s risky, if someone really likes the idea, they can steal it and make the game before you.

Step 4 - Making the game

Making the game isn’t going to just happen overnight, if it does, that means you didn’t try. Depending on what the game is, it could take up to a year! That’s highly unlikely, but I’ve seen games that have taken up to that. Maybe, a game could take 3-4 weeks. If it takes that long, that means you put effort.

Step 5 - Playing/Testing

You would want to maybe post your game link somewhere popular and gets some people to test your game out with you!

Step 6 - Enjoy the Game.

You’ve finished, now you can take a break and relax!


Thank you so much @ScytheSlayin!:grin: I will take that into consideration while building my next game.


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