How do I diagnose poor memory client usage + poor compute efficiency?

I am trying to optimize my game. Attached are its statistics for compute efficiency over the last month, which is rather poor and all over the place:

Attached is an image of the client-memory usage:

And here is server-sided memory.

By far, one of the biggest consumers of memory in my game, is physics parts and the like, for both the client and server respectively.

I have done some very big updates over the last few months where I made the collision boxes of any meshes and unions in the game, to be as simple as possible, but that seems to have marginally fixed things.

“Untracked Memory” was another big one, but I am not sure how to diagnose that.

As for compute efficiency, I know you use the MicroProfiler for that, but I am also unsure of how to read it and use it to my benefit, but attached is a snippet of it:

Can anyone be of assistance here?

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