How do I fix my Roblox Studio?

I’ve been wanting to get back on to building with studio but it is completely messed up I don’t even know how to describe the issue to be completely honest.

This is what my screen looks like when I open any game.

Then this is what my screen looks like as soon as I open the toolbox, it becomes even worse.

And this is what happens whenever I move my screen around, so I can still use studio, but it is essentially unusable.
I’ve looked both on the Dev forum and YouTube to try to find a fix to this problem, as well as restarting my computer and redownloading studio which did not work. And because I have no clue how to describe this issue it has made it much harder trying to find a solution.
If anyone knows what I can do that would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


i think there’s an issue with your graphics card, did you check it?

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No, how exactly do I check that? I’ve used Roblox studio before with no issues and I don’t think I’ve made any changes to my graphics card.

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have you used a free model these days?

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I have free models that I have used, but none recently, no.

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Does this only happen in Studio and not anywhere else?

You may have a recently installed plugin or a free model that’s getting you messed up with some bad scripts.

First off, Uninstall (not just delete) Studio and Install it again to make sure your version of studio just doesn’t have a glitch in it.

your workspace is currently empty right?

you can check your RenderSettings on Studio and change the Graphics Mode


Yes this only happens in studio, only thing is I never installed any plugins or used any free models just prior to this occurring. I did just uninstall and reinstall studio and it still looks the same sadly.

If you are on Windows Direct3D11 should be the most stable option. On Mac Metal should be the best.

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Yes my workspace is empty right now.

Tried this out and nothing seemed to change.

have you tried setting it to OpenGL?


I switched it to OpenGL and closed and opened studio and it seemed to fix the problem, everything is working normally. Thank you so much!!

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To be clear, free models CANNOT mess with the rendering of your computer or your computer hardware in anyway. Heavily doubt plugins can do much either. So those saying that plugins or free models could cause this, idk where they get that from

These artifacts could be the sign of a failing gpu, or some other hardware that is failing on your computer, however, it is weird that it only happens in roblox studio. You might want to test many other games to see if you get the same the issue there, or if you have separate hardware or an igpu, you can try removing (if you have an igpu) or swap the gpu with another one

(Image of artifacts caused by a failing gpu. Artifacts can take many different forms)

If you are unfamiliar with this, you can list your computer specs for further help

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Maybe uninstall and reinstall Roblox Studio? That might fix the problem

I would still verify if your gpu isn’t failing. It should work just fine with different graphics application programming interface (OpenGl, Vulkan, DirectX). Which one were you using before switching to OpenGl?

Or it could be that Vulkan or DirectX is corrupted on your computer. I don’t really know how that works (how the rendering apis are stored on the computer, etc), so I can’t really elaborate on this theory

I was just on the automatic setting beforehand. How should I check to see if my gpu is in proper condition?

This is slightly scary, I think I should clarify that I only use a laptop, so if my gpu is failing I don’t think there’s anything I can do right? Weirdly, this laptop is relatively new too, around 2 years old.

the reason why the rendering system of your gpu was failing, it’s because there may be issues with insufficient system resources like memory or proccesing power and the default settings wasn’t adequate for your laptop