How do I fix Rigs in Blender?

Hello, I have no idea if I’m in the correct topic, but how do I fix the rigs in Blender, because my rigs be looking like this…

This hurts my brain how do I fix it, and I need textures on, so I know which side of the head is the face

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try turning off backface culling


How do I turn off Backface Culling?

go to the materials tab (the one that looks like a checkered sphere) and scroll down until you find the backface culling tickbox

please i beg you search before posting

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Oh… My… God… This actually works! Thank you so much!! I was trying to fix this since December!

Go to the material properties (Checkered ball icon) scroll down > Viewport view > and then put everything that is in alpha blend/hashed to opaque.