How do i fix this?

so I made a cape with some constraints to equip it on a dummy, it works fine when it’s not on a character but once I attach it to a character this happens(it works fine when I make them Non Collidable)

Here’s a video about my problem(Sorry for the lag)
I tried to change the humanoid state to Physics but I realized that it will make the character to fall down
Thanks For Reading, Any help is appreciated

If it’s in the wrong category let me know

idk if this works but maybe try and put a part and tilt it a bit? I don’t do this stuff but it looks good!

Thanks, but didn’t work :slightly_frowning_face:

i suppose it is attached to character’s back? if i know the gravity, i would say it will not balance that much when is on cahracter, because it have a part that is stopping the cape from moving around. i guess :thinking:

yeah it is attached to the character back, I made the parts massless but it’s still happening also when i put it far away from the character it will work but that distance is too much and it will look odd
Edit: Do you have any other idea?

You should enable collusion for the cape.

If that doesn’t work, then try to create a part that’s attached to the Dummy’s torso.
Then attach the cape to the part.

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i didnt think of that, it is a good idea

alright thanks for telling me let me try it
EDIT: Should i make that part massless for safety reasons?

well um if the cape isnt massless then it would probably break the player’s character, i dont know what to say about this, i’ve never done this before

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You can, but if that doesn’t work, don’t.

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Studio is acting weird it’s not loading the place :slightly_frowning_face:
Edit: Nvm it opened

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alright so i have a question should i use weld constraint for attaching the new part or welds?

well um when i rig StarterCharacters i use weld constraint, so i suggest that.

Yes, you can use a weld constraint.

it is more stable than before but the problem is not fixed yet

what is not fixed? can you tell us?

it is still like the video that i mentioned in the post but more stable

what if i weld two parts and make two attachments for the cape to connect, is that a good idea?

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yeah it is. it is more stable. i saw a game that does have some kind of cape… it is called Cursed Islands, you can try something like that

@Octavian_Studios and @ANDROHERSEY00, well I tried that and it’s worse, I messed with some constraints and it’s much better, i’m thinking of making the parts into mesh parts so I can change the collision type. any ideas?