How do I force collision with dummies?

Hi, it’s me again with another question. so I have this game right? and I made a dummy that can walk in it. my problem is that you can move through his limbs. How do I make it so his limbs are collide-able? Using the property does not work. it just reverts back. What type of script do I need to do?

It changes to false when ingame


Turn the CanCollide property of every part of the dummy to true, and check if that works?

oh you were actually colliding it
its moving…
except youre actually editing the properties on the client
try it to set the cancollide property of the object to true at the server or dont test or play yet setting it

It doesn’t. that was the first thing i did. It just reverted back

I know. I did that but when the studio started it just reverted back to not collide able.

Hmm, a little weird. Are there any scripts through which you set the dummy’s CanCollide property to false?

no. there are no scripts for that.

create parts that are the size of the head, position of the head and transparent when a player joins.

and rinse and repeat for the other body parts

make sure it is wrapped in a while do loop so that the new hitboxes stay in the same position as the player

you can use Physics Service and Collision Group .

You need to use collision groups to put every limb in