How do i get a game with a game id? And all the games data like likes name etc

I’m making something that shows a certain game when you put its id in.

How do I get that game?

If there was a topic like this note I could not find it

Did I get it right?
You want to put an Game Id (from any game on roblox) into something like a TextBox or Script and it would show all information about it (name etc.)?


Thats it. Right on!

So yeah how would i do this?

Here is a post that I found that may help you:

You will need a third-party site.

The method in this post probably dont work anymore since rprxy is not available anymore you will need to search for alternatives or make a site yourself

So i searched a bit and got two links for you:

This is how you would create it yourself.

And this is a better version of Rprxy: - A free, rotating proxy for Roblox APIs