How do I get the blank rthro model?


I’m trying to build upon the clothing-less rthro character but I can’t find the meshids for the consituent parts anywhere. The character creator can only create rthro characters wearing clothing.

Do you know where I could get the meshIds for the limbs of the blank rthro character? Just stretching an older model wont do.


Why don’t you load yourself in and delete everything unnecessary from it?


The clothing is the mesh itself. It cant be deleted without turning the arm/leg/chest into a block


You can remote the texture from them, just set TextureID property to blank.


Rthro character clothing is actual geometry not a texture like a tshirt


MeshParts have property called TextureID.


Would you be referring to the early development character?







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Here’s what I would do:

I would export it as a file, reupload the exact file as a meshpart, and take the ID from that.

I’m not positive if it’d work with Rthro but I believe it’s worthwhile to try