How do I get the RAP of an item from a specific date?

What do you want to achieve?
I want to get the RAP from a limited item from a specific date.

What is the issue?
The problem is that I don’t know how. I’ve checked the catalog API but it seems like that none of those endpoints give me the RAP of a specific date.

What solutions have you tried so far?
I have also tried looking for third-party websites but I did not find anything.

In the image you can again see what I exactly mean. I want to for example get the RAP of the marked dot in the price chart in the image.


I solved an issue similar to this in this post. In the post OP was looking for BestPrice, but, in order to achieve it, was needed to use HTTP requests that returned a table of all available stats, including the RAP value which is the one you need, just check it:


Like what @Dev_Peashie said, You can use the Rolimon’s API to get the RAP of an limited, however, I don’t think it’s possible to get the RAP of a limited in a certain date, only nowe

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Alright, I guess it is not possible then. :disappointed_relieved:




Goodluck finding that item uuid converter.

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the issue is that it’s in the, which we can’t send requests to without using a proxy, as proxies don’t have the domain, and we need some node.js and/or python skills to make our own one, and the public proxies are bad, there is a topic about it

UGC Limiteds and standard Limiteds have their own endpoints for receiving RAP history data like what you’re trying to achieve.

  • For standard:

GET<id>/resale-data returns this data.

  • For UGC:

POST at with the body


to return this data where you take the collectibleItemId value and put it…

And here’s your data.

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This is a similar issue if you didn’t know

Their question wasn’t regarding the use of proxy to access the Roblox API, he asked for help on how to retrieve RAP history data and so I provided.

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This works, thank you very much!

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