Include additional asset data like 'recentAveragePrice' and 'bundleId' with GetItemDetails, GetProductInfo, etc

The inclusion of data such as recentAveragePrice (if limited/collectible) and bundleId (if for instance a leg) into APIs like AvatarEditorService:GetItemDetails, AvatarEditorService:GetBatchItemDetails and MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo would help developers create more accurate in-game avatar outfit marketplaces without being restricted to proxies.

For instance, with an experience I’m currently developing it’d be beneficial to display the total RAP of the outfit instead of its total cost so that outfit values aren’t inflated:

This would benefit games too like ItsMuneeeb’s Catalog Avatar Creator which are currently limited to displaying the inflated cost (which often overflows UI containers and ruins sorts like ‘highest to lowest’):

There’s a few reasons why retrieving additional asset information currently like RAP isn’t easy or desirable:

Some recent posts I found with the same issue:

The same applies for retrieving a bundleId from an assetId. This too could become streamlined by simply having a new AvatarEditorService method or including bundleId within ItemDetails. Instead it requires using a proxy to retrieve which introduces unnecessary complexity for developers:


My post was more directed towards UGC Limiteds, I’ve already achieved getting Limiteds “Value” from rolimons, and I recommend doing this as people follow value over RAP.
Utilize said Data here:

Rolimons is a fantastic website but there’s a few reasons having this information supported directly by a Roblox API would be preferable:

  1. Many collectibles aren’t tracked on Rolimons, e.g: 13088428116Rolimons

  2. Currently trying to obtain additional details like RAP for collectibles requires you to call GetProductInfo/GetBatchDetails to retrieve its CollectibleItemId (such as aa9cd9e3-1eba-4a6b-8e40-4923c6c40228), then to go through the expense of setting up your own proxy and finally retrieving its data like RAP by calling GET to This is relatively expensive (you have to make a GET request for every accessory) and technically challenging and restrictive (not all developers have the experience to setup reliable proxies) which could be dramatically simplified for developers if the data like RAP was directly provided.

  3. Some experiences may wish to pull information directly from Roblox to guarantee its truth (see PSA: Stop using Roblox proxies! (roproxy,, rprxy))

On Value vs RAP, Value is not always assigned to newer or less-valuable items on Rolimons so we’d have to display different information for these anyway which may confuse players (some accessories would display OriginalPrice, some RAP, some Value).

Plus experiences like the one I’m creating or Muneeb’s for instance aren’t really tailored towards people who trade regularly, more so players looking for outfits who might not be familiar with how Value works.

I personally would love them to add this. This would make my life way easier than just making a module to find it. (Very time-consuming as you might expect)

Though, I think they should halt a little bit with new features and fix all the current bugs that break the engine. (e.g. ViewportFrames don't update in CanvasGroups)