How Do I Grow A Restaurant Group?


Hello DevForum Members!

I am TwistyyObject, Chairman of Kanbina, a small but with potential group!

I am here to ask the community of DevForum for some advice, sorry if this is not in the correct category. Our main game is going to be released this week or the next!


I am wondering, to the people who have owned successful role play business games, how did your group start out? How did you grow your group? How much revenue? How much on advertising? What is my next step after releasing. (Note that know about guides, interviews , trainings, I’m more concerned on the business type and the expansion ways.) If you could answer this for me, it would be very helpful to the executives of Kanbina.

Thanks to everyone who read this!


Our group, U-Decide Cafe, started in August of last year. We’re about to hit 15K members as of the time I am writing this. We grew our group with time: zero ads other than for the grand opening and for celebrating the founder’s birthday. What I’d heavily recommend is to NOT include various microtransations in your game that aren’t directly relevant to your restaurant (jetskis, balloon, or other stupid “perks” low-end cafes will offer). Focus strictly on gameplay aspects that will keep a customer immersed and wanting to come back. I believe our game stands out because of the overwhelming amount of detail we offer in our game, which usually surprises players upon their first time playing. If you put a lot of time and effort into developing your game for the reason of being a good, engaging game, then you’ll find yourself growing quickly without ads.


Alright, I will try and go for that aspect of gameplay.


My Experience

A group I work for, Sneaky Entertainment (a talk show group), grew very slowly. After a year (our 1 year anniversary was last week :partying_face:) we only grew to 700ish members. This was due to the fact that for around 3/4 of the year, the game quality was really bad and everyone got ranks/admin if they asked. When the creator hired developers, things quickly got cleaned up. We would have sudden bursts of members, mainly because we had “famous guests”. RealKing_Bob came onto our show, and we had a few other “popular” people.

What you should do

  1. This is most important, be very active with the community. Have trainings almost twice a day, host events, hype up updates, or create social media accounts where you can fill in on updates.
  2. Try and get influencers to go to your group. The best way to get people fast is have a youtuber make a video on your game. You might want to cross your fingers it isn’t Flamingo or Jayingee, because that could bring a lot of trollers.
  3. Advertise your group weekly. Make good quality advertisements and advertise your group weekly. Even if that is 500 robux, it will still help your group get members
  4. Try to make your game stand out. When people click on your ads, you want them to join. But you also want them to stay. Make your game unique from other cafe groups. Don’t do the usual stuff. Maybe add a drive-thru where people can “drive” cars through it. (Maybe make it so the cars are self-driving. You don’t want cars in your restaurant :laughing:)

I hope this was clear! If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Here is some advice.In order to make a big game you have to have very good game quality and likes. If you get thumbs down then it can make people not want to go onto the game and play.
Hope this is help!


No ads? How does that work? Did a youtuber joined your cafe is that one of the reasons it grew?

I agree with @Bloxrrey, he clearly knows the depth of how it actually works.


Thank you!

By the way, I am female.

Not sure. We peaked at around 150 players a day last week though. I guess word just spreads. Either way, @Bloxrrey definitely explained it better than I did :stuck_out_tongue:
We have had some well-known developers and builders visit us though.

I’ll suggest you to advertise your game or group. Both of them can give you members in your group.

If you do have the funds to, then advertise. It might not seem like it’s worthwhile but it definitely is in the long run. Don’t run massive ads for just 1 day, but run a small bid on ads daily. This will slowly attract more members, which will in turn lead to profit. Always set aside a lot of that profit on advertising.

I am doing something similar with my clothing group. Also try to use socials to your advantage in order to reach a wider audience.

I have tried both this method and the method with micro transactions, and the small “stupid” perks always seem to come through with more profit. If you are to go down the route of lots of purchases, I would highly suggest having some form of in game currency. This way, a customer will spend more time at your restaurant trying to earn money. That money they earn can be used on those perks. If you look at Koala Café, you can buy a boat with robux, or you can rent one using KoalaBux. This is by far the most efficient method of making profit and keeping guests at your restaurant.

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Make sure to keep the customers and staff entertained, and have high quality builds and scripts.

PS: Do you need an ordering system? If so, please reply.

Depends, yea. We have food and drinks, we just need to script them. Also, yea, it would be better to have a smoother ordering system.

I’ve DMed you before about the ordering system. I just don’t believe it is too beneficial unless it is a quick tap screen, get food, hand to system with points. I would mean by you still need to make the drinks/food and you would still have a hand-to system. If we were able to use a worser but free one, why buy something for 1500/3000?

Unless maybe you had affiliations… :man_shrugging:

More information can be seen here: SmartOrders Information

There are lots of cool features that come with it for that price. Custom systems at this price are generally barebones (my experience)

If you are interested, DM me on discord: xJxck_yy#7636

I’ve dmed you. …(30)

While they do come up with quick money, they don’t contribute to the overall quality of the game and gameplay, which should be the main focus in development for roping in new customers. We follow a different business practice and make a few thousand robux a day, by only selling in-game currency and shirts for robux.