How do I import a Roblox character rig into Blender? (Efficiently)

Before you suggest this topic this method no longer works for me even after reinstalling the addon atleast 3 times.

I know you can just export the character from roblox and rig it all yourself but thats time consuming so is there any other way to import characters?

Unfortunately I have messed with this a great number of times and the issue is that Blender and roblox define bones differently. Exporting from blender to Roblox works because Roblox knows how to convert the bones, whereas vice versa does not, because Roblox does not use bones or export a rig with bones and blender does not know how to treat them, so essentially when the rig is exported and imported into Blender, the bones “disappear”

If you put bones back, you must have the exact correct amount used in Roblox rigs and must rename each bone of the character to the exact correct “bone name” for it to properly export out to roblox again once you recreate the rig. (For this, I found the documentation to be incomplete so I downloaded and imported a rig package from Roblox’s own provided rig files and looked at what each mesh piece was named and named my bones accordingly.)

When I am on PC tomorrow I can provide some resource links, but overall it is honestly easier to just rig it yourself quickly rather than trying to wrangle it out of Roblox. Exporting between the two doesn’t always play nice, as seen in this case.

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Make sure you are not in a Team Create session and try the Blender plugin again! If the rig consists of multiple parts, that might also be the problem sometimes. Assuming the rig is multiple parts, you could export the rig without the bones first, then export just the bones and a dummy part using the Blender plugin. If that doesn’t work, could you kindly send a screenshot of both the rig and the pieces in object explorer?

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I never go into team create sessions and export i always do it inside of the regular baseplate incase your wondering whats happening when i try heres one of my replies

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Oohhhhh you need to go to the top right edge of the 3d view where it has a rbx animations tab, and select rebuild rig!

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uhh thats not the problem the problem is that all of the clothes are gone.