How do I import vertex colors from Roblox into Blender?

Me and my friend are making a joke cart ride game. When I imported some parts from Roblox into Blender. The vertex colors do not appear, but only appear in the materials tab. How can I get those colors to be on the texture?

Not possible. Use @maplestick material essential and copy paste color from studio

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How do I copy and paste the color from studio?

Go to ur part.color3 in roblox , copy it and paste paste it in desired feild of material essentials


That isn’t natively possible, however, you can automatically export each part with a different color individually via selecting Material Groups on the export tab and manually assigning colors/materials in Studio again.

This will make Roblox import an individual mesh for each part with a differing color/material.

Once all of the files are imported, select all of them, then click insert with locaiton.

You’ll be able to save all of the location data, now you’ll just have to manually assign colors and materials.

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How do you Import the obj into Roblox and get to the area in the second image?

Also, where can I get the material essentials? Sorry for asking so many questions.

click view and then open the asset manager, press the upload button

Read this resource:

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