How do i know the audio was copyright

My game is almost finished.

But my game is super quiet
It has no audio

I wanna add some audio from toolbox to my game, because i done have enough robux to upload some audio.

I need to know if the audio was copyright


You could record the audio in your game, upload it to YouTube, and see if it gets claimed.


If the audio gets copyright striked, you won’t be penalized then. Anything uploaded by ROBLOX is obviously fair game.

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So i wont get punished by using the copyright audio to my game?

You will be punished for uploading copyrighted audio, not using it. If it’s in the toolbox, I’m reasonably certain that it’s not really your responsibility. Someone else uploaded a copyrighted work and Roblox facilitated its distribution to the masses.


Alrighty, thanks for replying.

You can use this.
Announcing: Stop stressing about copyright claims - Use Strofe to make your own music in minutes! - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

um…i just need sfx audio, not music audio

Then you can record your own / find others that state they are public domain.


If you game gets popular you won’t be able to avail of the featured game sort and you still have the chance to get banned.


If you’re looking for music, use soundtracks that were uploaded by Roblox and are from APM music, you can use these freely in your roblox game


From using the audio from toolbox?

Audios that are copyrighted won’t play in game (since they usually use the two mono tracks bypass method which was patched).

And if they do without you knowing they are copyrighted, it’s not your fault, as you haven’t uploaded them.

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Any music uploaded by MonsterCat is fair game for use, as they reached a deal with Roblox to allow developers to use the music the upload to their official Roblox account. (However, still gray on whether or not YouTubers are safe with it in their video)

Anything uploaded by Roblox is also fair game, as they tend to do their homework before uploading. This large sound library is mostly from their deal with APM Music. APM Music however is 100% not allowed for use on YouTube, so if you go this route, maybe create a mute button for content creators to use. As well, with APM Music, you can only use 250 audios in your game from APM.

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If the audio you use is copyrighted then yes, you cannot be on the featured game sort as that requires every asset to not be copyrighted. And yes, you can get DMCAd (I believe) if your game has a copyrighted asset in it.

Nope, YouTubers cannot play MonsterCat music in their videos despite the fact that it’s in-game.

Actually, this music is allowed however YouTube content ID still picks up the videos meaning YouTubers have to counter claim their video.

Roblox users and devs may create video captures of games/experiences with Licensed Music and post or publish those videos on any social media, such as YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (the “Video Capture”), provided your videos are otherwise compliant with the provisions of such social media channels and platforms.

If your use of the Licensed Music complies with the conditions described above (and does not contain content that APM considers to be objectionable) and you receive a copyright claim or takedown notice from APM Music or any of its copyright management partners (for example, AdRev), you may wish to dispute the claim or file a counter notice in accordance with the procedures on the applicable social media channel.

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