Announcing: Stop stressing about copyright claims - Use Strofe to make your own music in minutes!

Hey developers,

If you’ve been looking for music that’s free to use that fits the mood and setting of your experiences you’re looking at the right post!

The Strofe team is happy to debut our music creation tools to the Roblox developer community.

With just a few clicks you can make your own songs for use in your experiences.

You can change up the mood, genre, instrumentation, and more all in the browser.

On top of that we’ve built in standard mixing and mastering tools so you can tweak and edit your song until it’s just right.

Check out a quick instructional video:

Use our sample songs here, or head over to to try it for yourself!

If you have any thoughts or feedback let us know below.

-The Strofe Team


Top five best resources to exist. This will save SO MUCH time and robux for games that need music.


This is pretty cool, none of the instruments are sampled from copyrighted sounds?


Amazing resource. I personally think " A Piano tune at the Inn" is my favorite song.


This looks incredibly promising. I really like this all looks, and it sounds really good too! Good luck with what you guys are doing, for real.


Wow, how convenient. I needed music for my game and I wasn’t quite happy from the current one that was playing. I will definitely check this out later.

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Here’s some feedback:

With loops, it (obviously) loops a section of the music. However, the total time of the song (top right) shows as if it didn’t loop, which is inaccurate.


Thanks! They’re not. We’re using free to use soundfonts (including for commercial use) when generating the mp3s.

Thanks! You can generate similar piano pieces by simply changing all of the instruments to piano after a song has been generated. We included details of how each of the songs from the list was created in case you want to create something similar.

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This is AMAZING! Look at what I generated :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback and nice catch! We’re on it.

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Really cool! Hopefully there will be more customisation and special effects!

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OMG Finally! Thank you so much.

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This is actually so cool! Thank you so much for this.

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Ah okay, may I ask though, what type of piano?

This is amazing. By far one of the best resources a developer could have!

I noticed that it takes quite a bit of time to generate the sounds, do you guys plan on making it a little bit faster? If not’s that’s fine cause it’s still absolutely amazing

I don’t understand the point of a login system…

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I entered my email, then also (on purpose) a wrong password. It accepted it as correct.

Was that a bug, or is this a scam. Sorry for any inconvience. I’d like to know before I use this seemingly amazing resource :slight_smile:

this is EXACTLY what I was looking for at the perfect time! I’ll be using this.

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