Roblox + Monstercat Collection: Volume 2

Heya developers,

In case you missed the news, last year, we partnered up with Monstercat to deliver a collection of 50 totally free tracks. And to celebrate their 10 year anniversary, Monstercat is releasing a new collection of 75 additional tracks for you to use (for freeee) in your games and experiences!

Hang on a sec. 10 year anniversary? OMG

Happy birthday, Monstercat!!! :tada::birthday::notes:

Normally we’d get something for you, but… we appreciate the gift from you either way. We’ll definitely be jamming out all week on this Spotify playlist to help celebrate the occasion.

With this release, there’s now a grand total of 125 tracks available.

You can browse the full collection in the audio library:

We hope you enjoy the new tracks!

(P.S. Monstercat also has this really neat event space if you wanna join for a musical adventure)


This is AWESOME!!! Been hoping that the partnership would expand with Monstercat for awhile and I’m really excited to see it happen. Hoping this is the start of even more licensed music partnerships and improvements in the future! :notes: :smiley_cat:


Awesome good quality open source music now available on Roblox!


This is really big, as a personal Monstercat fan, this means I can create even more games with free music!

Thanks to everyone at Monstercat and Roblox! :blue_heart:


Maybe add sound effects instead of music please?


This sounds really cool, I’ll be sure to check it out when I have spare time! :eyes:


I updated AudioList, this contains monstercat Volume 1, Volume 2 songs


Anthony Nikita - Closer
Half an Orange - Video Games
Koven - All for Nothing
Vindata - Union
Martin Graff - Balance
Stonebank - What Are You Waiting For
Rogue - Motion
INTERCOM - Decoy World VIP (feat. Park Avenue)
Tails & Beach Season - No Sleep
Nitro Fun - Easter Egg
MUZZ - Spectrum
Rome in Silver & Beach Season - Skin
Pegboard Nerds & Tokyo Machine - Moshi
Notaker - From Dust & Ashes
Pegboard Nerds & Tokyo Machine - Moshi
Rome in Silver & Beach Season - Skin
Ephixa - Dreamstate
Grant - Are We Still Young (feat. Juneau)
F.O.O.L & Midranger - Neon
Vintage & Morelli & Arielle Maren - Dreamers
CloudNone - Wish
Aiobahn & Vin - About U
PIXL - Galactic Voyage
Pixel Terror - Amnesia
Glaue - Over It
Nitro Fun feat. Danyka Nadeau - Safe & Sound
Bad Computer - Clarity
Nitro Fun feat. Danyka Nadeau - Safe & Sound
Glaue - Over It
Ephixa & Going Quantum - Let’s Roll
F.O.O.L - Revenger
Mango - Ten Years Ago Today
CloudNone - From Here
Tokyo Machine - EPIC
WRLD & Keepsake - Wishful Thinking
Snavs - Us
Jay FM - Insight
Summer Was Fun - Hold On (feat. Q’AILA)
Tony Romera - Heat Wave
Sabai - Broken Glass
Pegboard Nerds - Shaku
Jay Cosmic - Ocean Eyes
Bad Computer & Danyka Nadeau - Chasing Clouds
Jay FM - Timeless
Protostar - Galaxies
Rootkit - Taking Me Higher
Duumu - Forward (feat. MIA)
djimboh - Imprints
Glacier - Enough
A.M.R - Beginnings
Protostar & Emma McGann - Where I Belong
Tony Romera & SQWAD - St Tropez
Direct & Essenger - Labyrinth
Fransis Derelle & Josh Rubin - Same Mistake
Dexter King - Only You (feat. Alexis Donn)
Laszlo - Feels Like Love
Subtact feat. Noctilucent - What It’s Like
PROFF - For The Last Time
Dexter King feat. Aviella - Get to Know You
Vindata - Good 4 Me
Rogue - Move Me
soupandreas - Sprite
Protostar & Sam Tabor - Feel Your Heart
Hoaprox & Rogue - New World
Bensley - Vex
Protostar & Sam Tabor - Feel Your Heart
Pixel Terror & Dirty Chime - Collapse
Noisestorm - Escape
Duumu & I See Colors feat. Luma - You Used To
A.M.R - Sleep (Terry Da Libra Remix)
Feint feat. Elizaveta - Drifters
Shingo Nakamura - Uncharted Waters
Eskai - Mimi
Bensley - All Night
Dion Timmer - Shiawase
Aiobahn feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff - Medusa
Dion Timmer feat. Micah Martin - Internet Boy
Duumu & Pauline Herr - You Say
Veeshy & Brandon Mignacca - Let Me Down
Soupandreas & inverness - Hours
Stephen Walking - Odin’s Ghost
Glacier - Still
Shingo Nakamura - Glow
Pixel Terror & EMELINE - Chroma
Notaker - The Storm
FWLR - Hot
Varien - The Language of Angels
Stephen Walking - Glide
Tails & Juelz - Cobra
Grant & Juneau - Color
Direct & Park Avenue - I’ll Go
Slippy - Flow
Odsen - In My Bones
Grant Bowtie - Can You Hear It
Vintage & Morelli x Brandon Mignacca - Love Is
Koven - Your Pain
CloudNone - 3HOURS
Pixel Terror & Aviella - Enigma
Elypsis - I Miss You
SMLE - Found A Reason
Conro - All I Want
A.M.R - Portrait Of You
Glaue - The Way We Do
Noisestorm - Crab Rave
Case & Point - Descender
CloudNone - Spring Snow
WRLD - Hang Up (feat. Savoi)
Vintage & Morelli - Ascension
Half an Orange - Mark Twain
Hyper Potions & Nokae - Expedition
Terry Zhong Feat. Conro - Play It Cool
CloudNone - Blue To Blue
Grant - Color
Shingo Nakamura - Sapporo
Protostar - New Horizons
Tokyo Machine - PLAY
Pixel Terror - Machina
Rogue - Let’s Talk
Nōpi - Endless Love
Rameses B - Thinking About You


Monstercat has some great jams and it’s always great to have new songs to use in your games, especially when they don’t have any sort of copyright :joy:


Do the items in this place will be available in our avatar inventory outside of the experience ?


This is cool! More collabrations with roblox = better platform for developers. The songs are also amazing! Glad to see roblox improving.


Let’s gooooooooo!! This is really great, Monstercat has some really great music, and I am glad it is adding some more to Roblox!


Finally good quality open source music for free :cowboy_hat_face:


them songs be fire tho :flushed:


Monster :cat:

I like the resource, although I can’t use anything, since none of the audios seem appealing to me :confused:


This is amazing! It’s incredibly hard to find non copyright music to use in my Roblox games but the fact that we have more Monstercat music is great.

Thanks to everyone over at Monstercat and Roblox for this collaboration!


Very cool! I fell in love with Monstercat’s music ever since Crabrave was released!


These new tracks are awesome! I can use these absolute banger tracks for my game(s)!


Oh my god, this is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much, Monstercat! These will fit quite well into my new game! Happy birthday! :smiley:


This is really sick! i hope this event goes well