How do I learn logo designing and which software do I use?

Hi! I want to make amazing logos and stuff like that.
But where do I start?
Which software should I use?
Is there any tutorials that helped you?

Some creations I think is amazing:



It really depends on what kind of theme you’re going for , and how creative you are.

What I mean is,
You can use web software , get all the stuff made for you , premade logos icons etc.
You can download the hard to learn applications.

Obviously the first option sounds great?
Except they look good.
Not Great

So for me I mix with and Krita.


I’m no logo designer, so take this with a grain of salt, you basically start by finding a software and ‘practice’ that’s the only way you’ll learn how to create cartoons, realistic logo designs. I’m assuming the artist you mentioned in the thread uses illustrator or Photoshop.

There are a variety of software - programs to choose from, Gimp - Inkscape are good programs that people recommend and it’s free with tools and different brushes, especially when creating logos or something you’re interested in learning.

Gimp, Inkscape, krita, are free open source alternatives normally for creating different designs in I see people normally use these programs for creating (Logos, Art, and more).

It’ll take some basic understanding to produce good logos like that artist within these different programs. The ones said above are good programs to get started in because there open source, it better then using paid programs since it can produce similar looks.


A good software to use which is free is, gimp is good too! I suggest getting photoshop, though! If you take the time to learn to use it, it will help out a lot.
Thanks for reading, have a great day/night!

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First of all;

Find a software, whether you can pay for something like Photoshop, Adobe XD or illustrator or a free one (just as good, all about skill) such as or photopea.

Next you need to look at how they are created; you have colours, layers, shadows, outlines. All are really important as in the ‘Mars Base Tycoon’ game logo, the name sticks out due to the white colour whereas Frozey is slightly more difficult to read.

After this you just practice, try gaining some experience and make free or discounted logos - lots of business at Group Recruiting Plaza or on these forums.

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If your a digital artist, and like to hand draw your logos, i say use ibis paint x , which is a free drawing app. i use ibist paint x and i like the paint brushes that they give you, i made a logo about 30 mins ago on ibis paint x, here it isUntitled201_20201105205853

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