How do I let people copy large chunks of text in Roblox?

I have tried dumping all of the text into a text box, but seems like it limits it to 1000~ characters. I have tried dumping it into the console (Roblox studio, not the player), but it is to inconvenient to select everything then copy it.

Any other ways? The text is a large table.

The textbox method should work. What do you mean by the 1000 character limit?

You can always try using an API if you reached a character limit. With an api and pages you would literally be able to retrieve any size (inf) text you want.

Try dumping loads of text into a textbox, it has a limit.

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What API do you suggest I use?

Well either make pages write on Ordered datastore so that you can advance to next page. You could potentially search for an open source website that would only have your text in it then get all the resources with that link (via api) and then just copy piece by piece

Never knew about this, my bad.

I’ll just let the plugin put the large text into a script.