How do I make a Animation/Cutscene function

I’ve been working on a game now for quite some time and I’ve gotten to the point where I’m forced to start scripting, one of the most important tasks I’ve been wanting to complete for ages has been a starter cutscene. Most videos I watch aren’t very helpful because they never go into full detail and all they include are just the animation itself. I know how to create animations it’s just the scripting that’s the problem.

Here’s a basic idea of what I want to do

As you can see by the picture I want you to be able to click some sort of button while your view is from the camera

Here’s a real example in game from the camera’s view

Once you clicked the button I wanted the screen to fade away or have a loading screen to then take you to the cutscene

Which would be right here. I wanted the screen to slowly fade back in to make the feeling that you’re waking up, once the screen is back to normal the animation would play but. I have no idea how to do that which is why I need major support anything would help.


I’ve never used this one specifically but plugin cutscene editors is what you’re looking for. The one I’m talking about is Cutscenify. It should have all the documentation you need and it’ll definitely make it easier than coding it yourself if you’re not too familiar with it.


seems interesting il look into thanks.