How do I make a car with constraints?


I know this is a lame question and I’ve tried googling it, but I can’t figure out how to make a modern car on Roblox.

I literally just want a basic car. The most advanced thing I would like to add is wheels that turn when you steer, like all the cool games have. >:)

I just want a simple, plain-jain car with constraints (and yeah the spinny wheels). How do I accomplish this?

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Alright cool. Thanks for the quick reply!

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I would also take a peek at How would you make a custom vehicle chassis?

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This didn’t really solve my problem unfortunately. The chassis linked is wonky and I cannot figure out how he did it.

Still looking for help with this :confused:



The way I got familiar with car chassis work was by looking at the ones available in free models. There are some old, simple ones and some newer, very complex ones.

I was able to crate a simple chassis with contrasts by starting from something like this. You may need to know some scripting though.

Not sure how familar you are with constraints, start by learning about the hinge constraint (use it as a motor). Once you can get a simple 2-part motor working in your game, start changing the properties with a script. Then you can add 4 of them to a part and make a basic car. Trigger the rotations with vehicle seat throttle changes.

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Yeah when it comes to physics I know basically nothing. I appreciate your help, especially since you said how I’d set one up from scratch :smiley: