How do I make a cutscene / meme game like every cafe game ever and every camping game ever?

Hello guys, I am trying to figure out how to make a cutscene game like every cafe game ever or every camping game ever, The cutscene game that I’m going to call in my Roblox development group is every prison game ever, is all about things in prison games like how players play prison games. The goal is to make a meme game that is all about how players play prison games. I don’t have any intention to copy any of these games, I just wanted to make a meme game just like them.

but I stumbled an issue where I had no experience in cutscene games and scripting, and I have run out of ideas on the every prison games ever plot, so I want you guys to suggest me any ideas on what plugins or open-source code to make a cutscene game and let players talk by scripting without players chatting themselves by typing.


I would recomend using Moon Animator, I’ve used it for those type of games


You can learn a lot of things using the roblox developer website

I tried and I couldn’t find any solution from the roblox developer website.

What did you look for? I know for sure there’s articles about animating and camera manipulation.

This is what you’re looking for. You can use Tweens with the Camera’s CFrame to move it like in the animations.
Hope this helps!

You would do this by using a technique called camera manipulation (where you attach the camera to a certain part or co-ordinates). For moving characters you can do a :MoveTo() function preferably fired from a RemoteEvent.

That’s how I made every cafe game ever B)

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Thanks, even though I needed to think about how do i make the players chat? via the scripts, not the player using chats.

I recommend using these 2 plugins. One for animation & one for the cutscene.

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Sorry for the late response, my friend told me about this. I’m not sure if the chat script would be complicated for you so I will try to simplify it:

local Part = game.Workspace.ChatPart
local Chat = game:GetService("Chat")

Chat:Chat(Part, "Text here", Enum.ChatColor.White)

Random fact: I’m the creator of “every cafe game ever” :wink:

While there is a soloution already posted, I thought I may as well add to this.

There are many plugins for you to use, CloneTrooper’s plugin was great when it used to work, however there are new ones about like Moon Animator(for animating) and Cutscenify. I hope this helps.

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