How do I make a package public in the creator marketplace?

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to create a public package for the creator marketplace

  2. What is the issue? there isn’t the “Distribute to Marketplace” button in the package creation tab

  1. What solutions have you tried so far? I went to the configure page and still didn’t find the publish switch

roblox claimed that it’s on the marketplace but when I checked, it shows nothing, especially if I put the model name


How can you post a package to the creator marketplace?

Packages cannot currently be put in the marketplace or be configured to grant public usage access levels. There are plans for this to be a feature in the future assuming that hasn’t changed in the past few years.


You cannot make packages public. However, you might want to use a MainModule instead, since it has similar automatic updating features.

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uhh but it inserts a empty model named ToolboxTemporaryInsertModel

That means you are inserting a tool and it asks you if you want to put it in starter pack.

even if I’m not inserting a tool the model still shows up


I went to insert the McDonald’s Store with scripts and I got ToolboxTemporaryInsertModel

Probably a bug. Just ignore or delete it since it’s an empty model.

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good idea, if you’re in studio, then put this at the command bar as it automatically deletes the empty model

workspace.ChildAdded:Connect(function(child) if child.Name == "ToolboxTemporaryInsertModel" then child:Destroy() end end)

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