How do I make a room darker

Basically I wanna make a specific room in a map darker than everything else (similar to the gm_construct dark room)
I don’t wanna use a giant black box or make the entire map darker

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ZonePlus has an Ambient Lighting zone script/module that you can use to change the lighting of a room based on whether the player has entered a part.

I just ended up doing it manually lol
Still not preferable

Create a SurfaceGui, add a Frame with size {1, 0},{1, 0} into it and set LightInfluence to 0 (I recommend to set PixelToStud to 5, from default 50 in SurfaceGui, because you have just black fram on it and it will save up some render time)


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That won’t result in the room itself being dark just the walls
Can just use neon blocks for that

Then the only way is to change Ambient and OutdoorAmbient values.

Use the Future any lighting technology and set EnvironmentDiffuseScale and EnvironmentSpecularScale to 0. Change down Ambient and OutdoorAmbient both to 0. You can change brightness to whatever you want now.


I did this exact thing, make your outdoor ambient bright, and then the ambient very dark (or however dark you want it to be) then make the areas where you want it to be brighter have castshadow false ceilings, this will create the effect of bright ambient but still allowing you to have darker areas

also play around using atmospheres with this :slight_smile:

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