How do I make an effect similar to this?

I saw this cool effect on youtube

This brought some questions to my head:

  • How are those white parts created in that spherical shape?
  • How does everything around them dissapear temporarily?
  • How did he make a whole galaxy appear inside that white space?

If you have any idea on how to replicate this I would highly appreciate if you shared your knowledge.


They are probably setting the transparency to 1 for every children or the parts inside of the sphere. The sphere is probably a mesh which has space inside, meaning setting its reflectance to 1 and changing the sky to a galaxy one may get this effect of infinite space once you put the planchers inside the sphere or just by teleporting them to a new area while changing the sky and all. I am not sure to how they are doing it for the circles tho probs with raycasting or some texture.


Couldn’t the white stuff just be a particle effect?

Or someone also posted an open source csg effect or something like it I saw that does a gas / fog / effect like that

I like that rays teleport like effect, that would be nice to create if anyone knows how

Prob with some cutscene in it

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It’s probs beams and particles traveling at a great speed.

I would appreciate if you told me what a plancher is

Also if he changed the skybox… how did he make the map disappear?

I am sorry there was a spelling mistake (auto correct) i meant players. But the players were already inside of the sphere so yeah.

Again he probs changed the reflectance of the sky to not let the players see the outside or made the sphere and players inside of it teleport somewhere else to not let the other players see the effect. (Players are inside of that sphere they can’t see outside of the sphere if it’s has double side on the mesh.

I see, but changing the skybox gives me a weird lighting, im wondering how did he keep that lighting inside the sphere

Ifs not just changing the skybox but also the properties inside of lighting which would make the world look the same. Make sure the sphere has castshadows off

Does it need to be a mesh or can it be an unionoperation?

As long as you can be inside of that part and you can see th reflectance of the part, It should be fine

Please feedback :sob:

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That’s clean! Just with a better skybox and lighting and with some extra VFX this would look just like the one from the video. Also How did you make that white parts?

In the video, if they use a reflective sphere, it looks way too clean, like it’s unnoticable, idk how.

Also the white parts are subject to change, as it’s probably not the best way to do it, I used the Archimedes plugin to make a circle with no fill, then used a custom script in studio to clone and rotate it, I did it till it made some sort of ball, It’s 240 parts tho so… I’ll need to find another way.

At this point I a uncertain of if it really is a sphere… What if they parented the whole map somewhere else and parented the effect map to workspace for those 2 players?

But wouldn’t that break alot of other scripts? :worried:

true, Do you know how bloxfruits did their door skill? probs something like that?

Hmmm, no sorry, I don’t play Blox Fruits, could you provide me with a video?

Portal fruit revamed | view 1.08 / 2.25