How do i make lighting like in brutal company and plunger roulette?

Hello everyone! I wanted to make lighting like right here:
How do i achieve that effect?

Edit: here’s another photo

Idk why, second photo doesn’t shows to me sometimes. But it shows when i click it, so if you don’t see the second photo try to click it!


I found! I just removed athmosphere and made fog color super big (150000), and graphics looks like in original, but there’s a problem… Graphics like in original, but i still want to add normal fog, but with this big number it’s white and super bright. If i will make fog color lower (grey or something, like “70, 70, 70”, not “150000,150000,150000”), then the graphics will be default again. What can i use to make fog in that case? (athmosphere breaks graphics)

If you know how to make custom fog around player without lighting fog and atmosphere fog, then i made other post. Or maybe you know better way to remake lethal company lighting with being able to use fog?

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