How do I make ropes with custom appearance?

Hello! I am currently looking to make a swinging vine where a player can swing from one place to the other.

To make this vine it needs to be like a rope how would I go about making this? Any help is much appreciated.

Here is a clip of such a rope with a custom appearance.

I don’t think that’s a rope, it looks like 3 Beams for each ‘chain’ with Attachments at around 25% and 75% of the distance between the player and the post.

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How did they manage to have the beams be affected by gravity though?

It appears to be a quadratic curve where each foot is interpreted to be the vertex and the anchor is a point that the curve intersects. With this info you could update the positions of the beams’ Attachments each frame to respect these constraints.


Thank you for the help, although I still have no real answer!

(Note: I understand what you’re saying, but I need to say this for all the people who don’t understand such terms)
I like your funny words, magic man!