How do I make the last person remaining teleports back to lobby

I’m making a elimination game and I want to make it so when there’s the last person remaining they are teleported back to the lobby how do I do it? ( can you please put it in a script because I’m not so good with teleporting scripts)

Please stop duplicating posts. And, scripting support is not the place where you get fed code. You can simply just check how many players there are using a bool value (meaning true, false) or, my last post,

check how many people are in the 1v1, if it is == to 1 then set the humanoidrootpart position to the lobby spawns

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I have a script I have, if you need help how it works PM me. I will tell you and explain it details in PMs.

What? I dont know what you were talking about. Anyways, to “teleport” people, you set their humanoidrootpart position to a block or vector3 value. This can be done like this:

Player.Character:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart").Position = or workspace.Part.Position

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