How do I make these curved edges?

Hi! I was wondering how you’d make something like this in ROBLOX studio? (The Curved Edges), if you could tell me here or link me to another post, that’d be great!

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Hello, this is achievable via 9-Slicing, which is a property in the ImageLabel / ImageButton instance. There’s a tutorial post about it here.

I would say this is an intermediate level activity, so do keep this in mind if you’re just starting out with Roblox Studio. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the quick response! I’ll be sure to checkout that thread!

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You can use a simple plugin created by Stelrex. You can purchase the plugin here.


Okay! Thanks so much too for the fast response! I’ll check out that plugin!

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Yes, it makes the UI rounded, but from what i remember, any scripts of clicking that are in the UI, doesnt work.