How do i reduce tris on mesh?


Hello im trying to reduce a tris on a mesh but i dunno how do reduce the tris, the tris is about 382,063


I guess you are using Blender. If so, this should help.


You could split the meshes. Read this for assistance .


Is it multiple meshes or a single mesh? The limit for a single mesh to be imported into Roblox is 10K triangles, so exactly how much you need to reduce depends on the amount of meshes as well.


I’m kind of new to Blender but I think if you add a modifier called Decimate and decrease the ratio you reduce triangles (I’m not completely sure if that will work)


Import it part by part if importing it is the issue or you can achieve this in c4d by using hypernurbs to reduce poly then you can smoothen it in blender. Also delete useless polys.

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There are some ways to reduce your tri-count, one of them is to separate the mesh into several parts and import them to the game explorer in roblox studio, this will keep your details the same.

The other way is to reduce the tri-count from the 3d software you’re using (blender, c4d, maya, etc…) but this would also reduce the amount of details in your object since 382k tris sounds like a giant object with lots of details, so I’d recommend using the first way (separating and importing).

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You really should have kept the tri count low to begin with while making the mesh.

You DID make the mesh yourself, now did you?


sadly i cant make it several part due to it has too many part


Its a import from 3d warehouse


The asset you downloaded probably wasn’t meant for gaming. Look for another model with fewer triangles next time.

You can try to reduce the tris in a 3D modelling application like Blender manually, but I can’t imagine that reducing the tris from 382,063 to 10,000 wouldn’t result in a significant reduction in quality (and at the expense of a lot of your time).


this mesh was used by people but i dunno how they get it in to roblox


Technical limitations of roblox meshes - a lot of players are on old, slow hardware/connection.

Unfortunately it looks like your options are to lower the quality about 38.21x, or to spit it into 39 parts and upload them individually into studio and publish as a model.

If you choose the latter to preserve detail, you should expect it to take quite some time to load on the client. Not including texturing, which I can’t imagine what that would be like on such a huge, high quality mesh file.

This is true. Unity Asset Store, and Unreal Asset Store, these are all good places to look for game specific meshes.
Some key words you could use in google is “low-poly” and “low triangle”, most if not all of these search results are meshes that have their tri count in the description so you can save yourself time of finding what you’re looking for. I’d shoot for <=100k triangles assuming you really need that detail and you feel like splitting it into 10 mesh segments.

Sorry if this isn’t what you were wanting to hear, but unfortunately I don’t think that mesh is going to see the light of day in Roblox Studio. If you really feel like getting it to work, @XAXA and @Skilled_On both explained the only two ways it’s possible.


The simple answer would be to use Instant meshes - can be downloaded from github (free).

The programme is designed to reduce poly count for game assets while keeping the original shape. It is simple to use and can be customised to your preference.


Alright, thanks for your help tho


You also have the option to retopo the model. It’s not as easy as slapping on a modifier, but some of the skills you’d pick up while learning this are helpful for modeling in general. Knowing how to reduce your sculpted models like this opens a new avenue for creating characters or other organic forms.