Mesh Splitting Enabled for Uploading Multi-Mesh Files


Hey Developers!

As you may know, we recently released a feature in Studio to enable the bulk importing of assets. After hearing the requests of the community, we’re excited to announce that we have now enabled the ability to import multi-mesh files and have them split into separate meshes instead of the current weld behavior. Now, anytime you import a multi-mesh file via the Game Explorer, it will split into separate meshes. Additionally, multiple textures will now import separately and retain association with their original meshes.

This is more than just a nifty new tool. With this new functionality, you can now import more intricate meshes and easily create complex models, maps, and more!

More detailed documentation can be found here.


What if I still want Studio to weld my meshes together upon import?

If you wish to revert back to the previous behavior, you can reset the feature via the Settings dialogue under Advanced.

Now that I have imported all my meshes into my Game Explorer, I want to be able to insert them all together! How can I do that?

We have added the ability to insert multiple meshes at once. Select all the meshes you want to insert, right-click, and choose the Insert with Location option. This will place all of them into your 3D Workspace with their relative locations retained.

Will we be able to import more than 50 assets at a time in the future?

Yes! We are looking into our current import restrictions and will be increasing them soon. Stay tuned.

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Thanks, large meshes were a actual pain before


This will be really useful for my upcoming project that I am working on!


Thank you sooooooo muuuuccch!!! :heart:



Now I can model things in a higher quality(and place them in without issues) and more consistent to the placements!


That’s a great feature! I’m sure it’ll improve a lot of people’s workflow significantly, I know it’ll improve mine, thank you for this! :slightly_smiling_face:


This is an amazing change! Making a bunch of lives 10000x easier…


This would definitely be useful for more intricate and complex meshes I had in mind to upload for my game. :+1:


Woah this is definitely useful for some of the meshes me and my friend make!

Thank you for this feature


This is such a great update. Recently I’ve gotten into mesh making, and my chief issue was if I had a multi-mesh asset, I had to import each part as a separate file. Thanks for the update!


Life has just got so much easier, favourite update so far this year, thank you!


thannkkk youuuu :heart:


This feature alone is a life saver. No more uploading difficulties, its one click. Thanks a million Roblox team :tada: :heart:


Now I wont waste time looking for the texture files!


Been waiting for this for ages, thanksss! This is going to save so much time :heart:


Amazing! This makes my job a heck a lot easier


Thank you so much! I have just begun modeling and even with simple trees it is a pain to import everything that needs a different color and place them correctly.


This is a very useful feature! I’m definitely going to use it, thanks! :heart_decoration:


Thank you so much for this update!


Woo! I was wondering if this was ever going to become a thing. Thanks!