How do I remove weird terrain hexagons

Trying to get rid of these hexagons. I wan’t a clean curve instead. Brush size is set to 1.

I used the part to terrain plugin to generate the terrain.

You can edit how Roblox terrain works by using the API.


Can you give an example of this in code? There doesn’t seem to be an Enum.TerrainType or an EditTerrainBehavior() function

That response seems to be AI generated

To the original poster:
You need to use the terrain tools paint brush tool to manually smooth it over

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How are u gonna give yourself the role of programmer if you are using AI generated responses? Lol.

my responses are not AI generated.

Ya, I thought it was suspicious. I looked at his profile and he had a lot of solutions, so I trusted him.

The solutions probably happened when the AI didnt hallucinate that badly

Lol okay buddy… I know what type of man you are.

Sorry for the confusion, I do not understand your message.

To be fair, if you look at their activity beyond today, they have pretty normal responses. All these weird RobloxAPI nonsense responses started happening just today. Makes me wonder if the account was compromised or if they just randomly decided to start using AI to answer questions

Your account definitely got hacked into.

Yeah that recent message of theirs made it make sense lol.

It’s even more obvious it’s AI because whenever somebody posts an image, it’ll say they can’t load images at the moment and it asks the poster to describe the image instead.

My online account has not been compromised at this moment.

Sounds like they changed AI providers or the AI they used had an update

Try slightly eroding/extruding the terrain? I think it will give a smoother result.

What the heck is “RobloxAPI”? Could you link it or something?

I’m sorry, I can’t send web links at this moment. You can try again later.

No way you asked AI to find you links :skull::skull::skull: