How do I revert to old UI icons?

Try to download roblox studio mod manager, for some reason when I installed it all the olds icons got back again.

and yes it is safe, just check who made it.



mod manager uses an older version of studio, so make sure to save the textures before it updates.

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searched in my files for a bit and found these:


my workflow is so slow because I dont even recognize what I am seeing anymore , they over-simplify everything to blue color … :frowning_face: hopefully they’ll add an option to revert.


Yeah i totally agree my workflow got messed up too ik that theres text but these new icons are like if Roblox Studio evolved into Android Studio or something, i get that they fixed some major bugs and other stuff like that but cant they just ask us as normal people if we actually want or need new icons or not? atleast add an option to revert to the old ones like how they made it so you can disable the material service feature or enable it,give people more choice!!
Also whu did they needed to remove the shortcuts and these new icons they arent user friendly at all ik that the old versions of the Studio had them but they are much more easy to memorialise,it will be cool if people could actually change the icons at their liking to be an actual option inside the Studio as hows in Minecraft how you can select diffrent texture packs hope this idea doesnt break any copyright rules!!


oh thanks i didnt even knew that this existed tho this decision has been made back in 2021 by the way i installed the Studio Mod Manager to test it out it seems that it fixed the issue for now:)

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Can we PLEASE get a way to revert these icons :slightly_frowning_face:
I’t doesn’t even make sense to bring the stupid “metaverse” to roblox studio


Yeah, there needs to be a setting to toggle these icons.

Something like Use 2022 Studio Icons would be nice.


facts, these new flat, mono-colored UI icons prioritize aesthetic over usability


Finally a solution that works, thank you!

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Horrible update; I wish they’d revert it.


Yeah I was genuinely put off for 2 days now due to the UI and am having a terrible time trying to navigate studio files. Literally everything is the same stupid minimalistic color and shape and impossible to distinguish without straining your eyes.


this solution works. but it will break when they update again.

no, i have it too lel


Man roblox sucks.Like why roblox why!Stopwith your dum update


yeah my eyes hurt and I don’t know what script do I need to click because of the same icon


yeah luckily studio updates way less than the roblox client itself though so it isnt that huge

The icons are from roblox? They updated it?

i still have the old icons

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