How do I set a players character?

I know how you would usually do this but how would you do it in a script? Meaning changing the players character after clicking a button.

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what do you mean by changing the character? changing the appearance? changing to controlling a different character model? Be more specific

I want to change the players skin.

you can use InsertService:LoadAsset(assetId) to load a specific item from the catalog, then use Humanoid:AddAccessory(accessory) to add the accessory to the player, to change body colors you can change the properties of Character.BodyColors

By changing the skin I mean this:

except after the player presses a button. (StarterCharacter)

You should try using StarterCharacter under StarterPlayer. However, if you’re opting in for multiple different rigs and characters, there should be a custom character loading logic along with it to set a character for the player through Player.Character, followed by parenting or LoadCharacter function, not sure which one, but try them both.

I think (not too sure) that you can just do player.Character = model? Im probably wrong tho.

I tried that but it didn’t work.

I’ll try that.

It looks like you want to try a different method that involves morphing, if I reckon that correctly. Traditionally, they “manipulate” the character by adding, removing or changing body parts. However, I don’t think changing does work in certain cases, like the R15.

You could opt for a menu to select a morph that changes the character before spawning.

Yes that is what I am trying to do if I was not clear with that then I am sorry.

I think HumanoidDescription is what you should use for this.

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It did not work. Is there anything else at all?

I did this by cloning the character I wanted the player’s character to be, then in a script I basically did,

local newCharacter = myNewCharacter -- use the character you want
local newcharacterClone = newCharacter:Clone()

player.Character = newCharacterClone

It did not work. There were also no errors.

My code
local RemoteEvent = game.ReplicatedStorage.RemoteEvent
game.Players.CharacterAutoLoads = false

		local newCharacter = game.ReplicatedStorage.StarterCharacter
		local newcharacterClone = newCharacter:Clone()
		player.Character = newcharacterClone

Don’t load the player, doing so will reset the player to their default character

Oh, ok. How else would I do it though?

You can remove that line and it should do the trick.

After I deleted the line of code the player won’t load in.

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you need to parent the character clone to the worlspace.

Still didn’t work. I know there is a way because people have done this before.