How do i set up a fbx based startercharacter

hello felllow users i am a newbie in roblox scripting,etc.
basically im making a fbx/bone based startercharacter

Ignore the texture :sweat_smile:
how i can set up this?
when i test it it dosent work how i fix it?

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Check out this tutorial, I hope it helps you find what you need.

Bruh that doesn’t even teach the OP how to use an avatar evolution character, that video just teaches someone to put parts inside of the video authors rig.

These links might help. :smiley:


I already tried this method some months ago but its multiple parts

basically when i use r15 its so massive so i sscale it but when i duplicate/copy/test it, it become this

Try scaling the mesh down in something like blender. To have the mesh be proportionate put a fix of a normal r15 in with it for proportions, once you get it proportionate in blender delete the reference r15.

i already did it, it dosent work

i used the plugin blender export (it has a stickman as a logo)

Are you trying to make a deform rig or an r15, or an rthro?

i am trying to deform a r15 (need to lenght the message so in can post lol)

Try Importing it as rthro, that might help.

ok i’ll try it (need to lenght the message so in can post lol)

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it works :smiley:

but i have problem with tools XD

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